Hi there! This is the first of two posts introducing your hosts (I would apologise for the cheesy rhyming there, but I kinda like it). Melissa’s will be along in the next few days but for now it’s all about ME! Not that I’m particularly narcissistic …honest…

I recently went back into education as a mature student, and, at the time, single mum of two boys (see, I wasn’t lying in the first post when I said I’m a glutton for punishment!).  When I graduated I took the first job I could to make ends meet, as my lovely fella, Mark, is currently a student so, for us, money is a bit like a unicorn – we’ve heard of it, could even describe it and we know there are people out there who claim to have seen it, but it still eludes us at every turn.

This sorry state of affairs meant that I landed in a part-time, zero-prospects job and, frankly, I want more than that.

That’s how I came round to the idea of setting up my own business. I’m pretty crafty, I can sew, bake, crochet, papier-mache – the lot (apart from knitting, which I am forbidden from mentioning around my mum as she spent much of my childhood in despair over my dropped stitches and knotted-up yarn). So naturally I felt that any business I entered into should be a creative one. That’s about as far as I got on my own steam.

It was a chance conversation amongst friends, over coffee and caramel slices, that brought Melissa and me together as business partners and we’ve been very excited but not very productive ever since though, in all fairness, it’s only been a couple of months.

I am supported in my endeavours by the aforementioned lovely Mark,who is acting as an advisor to me as he has a lot more experience in managerial roles, and by the two wild beasts who like to call me Mum. They are Oscar, a nine (almost ten) year-old maths whizz and 7 year-old Leo, or Harry Potter, or Alex Rider, or Ben Tennyson, or whatever other super-cool persona he has adopted today.

So that’s me, any questions? No? Then I’ll get back to the little pink bunny I’m crocheting for The Toy Society . He badly needs a face!


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The Dreaded First Post

The dreaded first post, always an awkward one, but here we go…

Trying to start a business is hard enough, throw in the fact that we’re in the middle of a recession and things just got a whole lot harder. But not hard enough for us. Oh no!

Being a pair of gluttons for punishment we have decided to start a new business, from scratch, in a recession…with zero capital! Yeah,  we don’t just like a challenge, we LOVE one!

But who are we? Well, the short answer is we are Melissa and Kate. The slightly longer answer is that we are two mums trying to balance making a living,  raising our families and at least keeping in touch with our sanity.

This blog will follow our journey through the tough times and the triumphs (hopefully mostly triumphs) as we endeavour to set up a successful small business. We’ll be updating at least once a week and will include any handy hints and links that we come across, and occasional crafty bits, because, at the moment “crafty bits” pretty much sums up our business plan!

So, thanks for reading and wish us luck (we’ll probably need it!).

M & K

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